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School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering was one of the earliest schools established in Qilu University of Technology. Since its foundation, scientific researches are emphasized in a rigorous and precise way. Therefore, the achievements are significant, and can be reflected in the following aspects

       (1) Research Projects

School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering presides over 7-8 the “National Natural Science Foundation” projects per year averagely, and about 20 provincial projects, including the “Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province”, “Shandong Province Science and Technology Development Projects” and “Shandong Province Outstanding Young Scientists Award Foundation”, etc. Besides, the researchers preside over 15 bureau-level and enterprises entrust subjects, obtained the scientific research funds of 700-800 millions yuan.

       (2) Research Papers

School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering publishes more than 300 papers per year on average, including 150 SCI and EI papers, among which over 50 papers’ Impact Factor is greater than 3. Many papers are published in the internationally renowned journals, such as Chemcommon, Chemsuschem, Langmuir, JPC, Applied Physics Letter, CrystEngComm., Green chemistry, etc. In addition, the research teams participate actively in domestic and international academic meetings 2-3 times every year on average, to enhance academic communication.

        (3) Patents

School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering declared 100 patents on average per year, be authorized about 60 items, including around 25 invention patents. Averagely 3-4 patents will be transferred to the company annually, which generate significant economic benefits. In addition, the School holds patent lectures once every two months to improve the understanding of the importance of patents, and to encourage the teachers to declare the patent actively. 

(4) Research Awards

Since the establishment, School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering have been rewarded “Shandong Province Natural Science Award” many times, including 5 First Prizes, 3 Second Prizes and 5 Third Prizes. The school has 6 "Excellent Teachers of Challenge Cup" of Shandong Province, 2 young experts achieved with “Outstanding Contributions” and 5 researchers obtained "Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor" of Shandong Province. Besides, there is at least one “Shandong Provincial Outstanding Master's Thesis” annually on average.