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There are various opportunities for working here in the School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering (SCPE). The School employs academic, research, secretarial and technical staff, and frequently has funded research associate positions available. àCurrent vacancies  

Welcome to our Current Vacancies page and jobs are presented with the newest ones at the top.

The SCPE is seeking world-class scholars as full-time or part-time professors.



Applicants are expected to have remarkable academic achievements and to demonstrate capacity in leading an academic team to keep a competitive edge in frontier areas. Successful candidates for the professorship will be expected to undertake full-time teaching and research in general, and those for the chair professorship to work part-time (two months minimum/year).

 Positions are available in all the relevant areas below, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Applied Chemistry, etc.


Salary and Housing Allowances

The university provides state-of-the-art research facilities and strong supporting staffs. Internationally competitive start-up support, salary and benefits will be offered according to qualifications and experience. Successful candidates of the specially listed programs will receive supplementary remuneration, including newly renovated office and laboratory spaces, and a highly collegial and interactive environment, as well as assistance on the establishment of a delicate research team.


Application Documents

Applicants are expected to submit a CV with cover letter which is supported by such documents as photocopies of advanced degrees.


Please direct your applications and inquiries to:

Prof. Tianduo Li

Email address: ylpt6296@vip.163.com

Tel: 86-531-89631207

Fax: 86-531-89631207


Postgraduate Studies

There are many opportunities for well-qualified graduates to join the SCPE as master students. All research projects are provided by academic staff for posts at the SCPE where English is the main language. You are also welcome to contact a particular member of staff whose research fields attract your attention.

For general information on research projects or fields, please go to People or Research website.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are opportunities for undergraduate students (both internal and external) to participate in our research.

àThe SCPE has offered opportunities to students who wish to develop an appreciation of research and the environment within which it takes place. Students and academic staff are encouraged to discover the possibilities.

Please note that most Departments/Institutes do not actively advertise placements while most members of staff never advertise their availability to host a student. If you are keen to approach a particular member of staff, you are free to submit a considered request to them (see People or Research).