Prof. Maarit & Pentti finished visiting Qilu University of Technology
Date: 2015-10-24 Visits: 317

  Aim to expand the international communication and study with the abroad university, the professor Maarit and Pentti from Tampere University of Applied Sciences was invited by the dean of Tianduo Li to give the lectures and lab works for the international class in the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering department .

  During 11th to 22th October, 2015, professor Maarit and Pentti with the assist of teacher Jingui Wang and Hong Chi gave the lectures about Surface Tension, Surfactants and detergents. And also they guided the lab works for the junior students of international class. The students really enjoy in the good lectures and interesting lab works.

  In addition to the teaching work, professor Maarit and Pentti talked about both the Chinese and Finnish culture, education system and the application for master. They also visit the ceramic exhibition in the university library and Daming Lake, Baotu Spring and so on famous spots in Jinan.

 The Dean of Tianduo Li talked deeply with Maarit and Pentti in the aspect of cooperation and the cultivation of students. They all hope that there will be more communication activities between Qilu University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

  Farewell party was organized by the teachers and students of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering department at 22th October. The students directed kinds of shows and games interaction with Maarit and Pentti. Last, students gave the Chinese knots to Maarit and Pentti and they gave the best wishes to each other.

  Through the international communication activity, the students understand the Finnish culture and education more directly. This activity lay the foundation of students study in Finland in the future.