Welcome Prof. John K. Bielicki to visit our universit
Date: 2016-06-22 Visits: 795

           Professor John K. Bielicki has arrived at our school on June 21st, 2016 for a visiting through to July 8th. During the visiting, he will discuss about cooperation of research projects as well as teach International Class of Applied Chemistry for a short term course Biochemistry.

          Dr. Bielicki is the Principal Investigator of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in US, and Principal Inventor of Artery Therapeutic Inc., conducting research in areas of cardio-metabolic diseases, translational sciences, peptide therapies. He also teaches Biochemistry and other advanced topics in University of California, Berkeley and California State University. He has 40+ patents & patent applications (apoAI and E mimetic peptides), raised $40 million R&D funds to date and roughly 105 publications, including journal articles, reviews, book chapters and meeting abstracts.